Holidays in Croatia – feel a unique rhythm of life

In search of a place for a summer holiday, we should not ignore a small but colorful, interesting and hospitable country like Croatia. The country is located on the peninsula of Istria. The local rolling hills and friendly towns in the hills, Mediterranean vegetation and scenic landscapes are very similar to those in Tuscany (Italy).

More than you expect

A peaceful rest in Croatia attracts tourists not only with the opportunity to enjoy the unique nature, as a trip to this country will meet and dive fully into an unforgettable and bright, and in a special way colorful life of this state. The Adriatic coast hospitably meets Europeans who are eager to spend summer vacation as well as they can.

Here magnetically attractive golden sands alternate with granite piers and wild plateau. On the beach, just a few meters from the water's edge, there are growing pines. Therefore, the air has healing "notes" and serves as a balm, which refreshes and invigorates the whole body and soul.

In Croatia, there is generally a wonderful harmony of nature and the greatness of the spirit of antiquity. Besides, this country is among the most beautiful and ecologically clean places on Earth. Hardly anywhere in Europe you will find the wilder nature than here. Bays, numerous islands, beautiful beaches, majestic cliffs, parks, nature reserves are the main features of Croatia, which is always ready to welcome travelers.

Holidays in Dubrovnik apartments - the door to an unforgettable summer!

When you choose Croatia as your tourist destination, try to find any chance to book holidays in Dubrovnik. This is not surprising, because the city captivates tourists with its unity with nature, inspiring appearance and powerful beauty. The mountains envelope Dubrovnik like a huge amphitheatre at the foot of which you can see a riot of citrus groves and cherry orchards, feel vineyards scents. Dubrovnik apartments are without false modesty the best Croatian vacation apartments! The white houses with red tile roofs buried in verdure. It is there where the house owners are waiting for tourists, offering them a cozy and comfortable villa, where you can arrange a complete and unforgettable holiday experience to your taste.

Since this city is considered the pearl of the Adriatic Sea, almost all the visitors of the city would like to visit it again. It is impossible to forget the beauty, sincerity, openness, extraordinary comfort.

Croatia is sure to surprise you, leaving the warmest memories in the soul!