Renting a villa in Croatia
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Renting a villa in Croatia

Surely each of us dreams of a serene, unique and unforgettable holiday experience, especially in a country like Croatia. Many travelers have already appreciated the charm of the individual rest and now prefer to rent a villa in Croatia instead of renting a small room in small hotel complexes.

This is understandable, because, firstly, that option is economically sound. Secondly, it is a perfect opportunity to rest according to your own rest plan. Thirdly, for small companies and families villa rent in Croatia is the best format for the holidays. Finally, villa rent is a chance to feel like a citizen of Croatia, plunging into the real life of this country.

Do you really want to spend your holiday truly comfortable and memorable?

We invite you to the villa "Marina" in Croatia! This cozy, beautiful and comfortable villa is located in Mlini. This resort is considered to be one of the best in the region of ​​Dubrovnik, because it is located at the foot of the mountain Spilan, in a place with beautiful nature, just 150 meters away from the sea and clean beaches. Cafes and restaurants are also situated within walking distance.

When you’re booking a villa in Croatia it should be villa «Marina»! Villa "Marina" is a comfortable, modern house, which was built in 2011. The area of ​​each of the three apartments in the house is 55 sq. m. The rooms provide air conditioning, satellite TV, wireless internet, LCD TV, DVD. There is also a small fireplace in the apartment, which will give you the evening of romance and tranquility. There is a special separate room for laundry, drying and ironing. You can easily conduct a lunch or dinner on the furnished terrace of 30 sq. m. Next to the villa there is a parking place. Choose these best apartments in Croatia!

The outskirts of the remarkable Mlini are surrounded by a park, which encourages its riot of colors. There is a footpath for walks along the sea, it is built among the majestic pines. Children here will not be bored, because you can play pranks and gambol on the well-equipped playground. For travelers who wish to enjoy the clear sea and the inimitable nature, as well as for those who have plans to diversify their holiday with acquaintance of the cultural and historical heritage of Southern Dalmatia, there’s no better place to find!

Just treat yourself with a vacation with no worries!

Now you’re taking your point that to rent apartments in Croatia is not a difficult problem. This villa is situated between Cavtat and Dubrovnik - two ancient cities with their inherent uniqueness. These cities are very easy to get to from the place where the villa is located, for example, use bus number 10 (from the villa to a stop is just 10 minutes)/ You can also go by boat from the landing pier, which is 15 minutes away from "Marina." A small shop and a bakery adjoin to the villa, so you can buy everything you need any time you like.

To rent apartments in Croatia is a pretty popular trend, as travelers have the opportunity not only to organize a holiday in Croatia by their own rules, but also to feel themselves as the residents of this picturesque and distinctive country. Are you still looking for a paradise? It’s in front of you!

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